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What we do

Besides the daily refined and elegant arrangements in store, tailored for every occasion, Florabel with its talented team of professionals provide an array of different products and services. Both natural as well as artificial flowers and plants, imported/local vases & pots, hampers and various accessories. Florabel is specialized in designing, planning and organizing different events.

Florabel's Story

Florabel since 1943

Florabel is one of the oldest & most prestigious flower stores in Egypt. A renowned family establishment, that still runs, by its original owner’s 4th generation descendants.

Our store is still firmly rooted in the luxurious Korba area, in the heart of Heliopolis. The original Florabel seed was planted by our great uncle Gregory, who since the great opening, had the entrepreneurial vision of success. Unfortunately died without fulfilling his dream. He was succeeded by his wife Nevart, who took the burden of running the business, along with her motherhood duty of raising 3 kids. Nevertheless, she did add a lot of good to the original foundation. She was succeeded by the younger brother Noubar, who built a stronger base of trust with the suppliers, as well with the customers, who were attracted to his credibility & luxurious style. He was succeeded by his 2 sons Berge & Rouby both taking on the responsibility of running this big operation. They both enlarged the scope of the business with a very wide network of customers. Attracting presidents, ministers, business representatives, & their families. And on the corporate level, world renown agencies, international banks, international hospitals, exhibitions, galleries, all representing the top notch, creme de la creme of the society. The youngest bloom on Florabel’s tree is Natasha, the powerhouse of the store, with her genuineness & artistic style, & none-exhaustible energy. Customers call her ‘the girl with a heart of gold.’

All throughout these years, Florabel’s gratification & reward have been funneled down to two main points. The deep-seated feeling of spreading happiness and beauty. Instinctively being our motto & main purpose in our everyday life.

Decades of experience, have been built up in our creative floral artistry, pushing us into a distinctively different, exclusive category. This authentic advantage, have kept our loyal customers’ grandchildren, still enjoying & appreciating our floral artworks, to this day.

Our “family oriented” business style, has infiltrated into our talented team members, who join us at a very young age. Thus, creating a uniquely familial working environment. In turn, this positive vibe, is transmitted to our customers’ aura. Our one big family sensation, makes our customers feel the warmth & respect, from the first moment they step into our store. Many of our customers have commented about their first-time experience & impression. Mainly being,
the positive energy, embracing & surrounding the place, as well as, the friendly & intimate dialogue attained, upfront.

Florabel’s fame is not restricted to our floral artwork capabilities, or to our efficiency in beautifying any space, we visit. It is our reliability, punctuality & availability to serve our customers, in their nick of time. Another credited recognition is, the confidentiality & consideration for our customers’ privacy.

Florabel has always been in our customers heart & mind; being their permanent supplier of the highest quality of flowers, all throughout their saddest or happiest moments, equally.

Our fierce passion for our métier, is mirrored in our relentless endeavor, to satisfy & please our customers. Pushing our boundless limits, even further. It had zealously empowered us, to work & deliver nationally, for 7 days a week, for the past 77 years, non-stop. We even did widen our service scope for the overseas, by cooperating with other international big firms, to deliver worldwide. Just to make sure, not to miss any important occasion or event, cared for, by our endeared customers.

The eagerness to provide our customers, with the highest quality of flowers & plants, has launched us to another challenge: importation.
Florabel was the first store in Egypt, to import & introduce a new array of flowers, unknown to our region. Our importation was entirely from the Dutch auction. Now we have expended to have supplies from multiple countries, such as Thailand, South Africa, Kenya and many more.

Another strength of Florabel is seen, in the capability of planting uncommon & exclusive flowers in our own farm. There we grow a variety of selective uncommon flowers, distinguishing our store & setting us apart from other flower shops. The surplus being directly exported to FLORAHOLLAND auction, the largest flowers auction in Holland.

Florabel is reputable for its respect & reverence to nature’s delicate ecosystem & towards the environment. This is indicated by our care for life & being conscious enough, not to buy or sell, any wild varieties of flowers or plants. As well as minimizing our waste.

Florabel is praised for having a certain understanding, regarding the daily shipments of flowers & plants. We do not treat them as sellable objects, rather than life emanating, beautiful entities. For us each individual flower or plant radiates & expresses its own statement differently. Each one of them having a certain attitude & character. Once we create our beautiful arrangements, they all pour down in one direction, spreading love messages to everyone.

Florabel is the guard of old traditions, in its new spirit & with an approach guided by its younger generation.

Against all odds, & with all the financial lures & the temptations of material gains, we have refused to ramify. People tried convincing us to open new branches of Florabel all over the country, authorizing franchises for a chain of Florabel stores. After a democratic short discussion - while sipping the morning coffee - our team unanimously came up with a verdict. To stay put, in our location, & to keep-up, our person-to-person relationship with our customers. The reason being, the enjoyable feedback, that we get from them. To see, by ourselves, the trill, the happiness & the deep appreciation, in the eyes of our customers.
Other positive aspects of having the whole Florabel team at a single location, in résumé; is to offer customers, a perfect chance, to pick from all our diverse talents, the peculiar arrangement suiting their taste.

As for our presence as owners in the same spot, is to orchestrate the different talented artists, into a harmonious style of work that distinctively stands out as Florabel.

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