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Use fertilizers which are recommended only for houseplants. All fertilizers used should be water soluble.

Feeding your house plants should be done periodically, during their active growing seasons. We recommend the use of liquid fertilizers especially the ones that can be used for both leaves and roots. This should be applied only at dawn or dusk (staying away from the heat period) and one hour after irrigation.

Fertilizers contain macro-elements and micro-elements.

Nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium are the 3 macro-elements. These are indicated by the 3 letters N, P, K respectively, with numbers next to them indicating the percentages. These elements are essential for any plant growth. As for the micro or trace elements, like zinc, iron and others, are secondary, but nevertheless quite essential.

Nitrogen is an essential nutrient for all plants, especially the green plants. They keep the healthy green look and a vigorous growth. Nitrogen shortage stunts plants. Recognizable by the appearance of pale-green or yellow leafs, due to the fact that plants become unable to produce sufficient amounts of chlorophyll.

Phosphorous is important for flowering plants. Hence the number next to the letter P should be higher than the rest of the elements, if you are feeding flowering houseplants.

Potassium deficiency hinders plant growth as well as the production of both fruits and seeds.

We recommend you read the instruction and ingredients on the label of the fertilizer, before feeding your plants. Sometimes over feeding can damage your plants, leading to the browning of the leaf tips, so be careful with the dosage and the dilution. Overfeeding with nitrogen makes the plants susceptible to fungi attack.

Fertilizers available in store


In Florabel, we do sell our own liquid fertilizer, which has proved its efficiency over the past 30 years. It is a general fertilizer, fit for almost all plants, whether green, flowering or other groups of plants. It has a good balance of Nitrogen, Phosphors and Potassium, with some trace elements as well. It has an advantage of being both a foliage feed and a root feed.


We also sell slow-release houseplant fertilizers, in the form of small sticks; which do break-down, releasing their nutrients at a slow rate, and in small amounts.


We recommend to keep fertilizers away from the reach of children and pets.


How to use our liquid fertilizer (plant food)?


Our product is ready to use as is. Always apply when the soil is wet (one hour after watering the plant). Use this product simultaneously by spraying all leaves and pouring evenly in the soil, all around, rather than in one spot.


Do not apply these fertilizers for plants that are grown entirely in water, like the “Lucky bamboo”.



How to use our slow-release fertilizers?


Just push the sticks into the soil, leaving a small (1mm) out to indicate its presence. Moving it, every now and then, with your finger will show if any of the stick is available or has already been used by the plant.

This fertilizer is not recommended for plants that are grown entirely in water, like the “Lucky bamboo”.

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