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Arrowhead Plant

Arrowhead Plant

Scientific name: Syngonium Podophyllum

Other common names: Goosefoot plant, Nephthytis and Arrowhead vine


Syngonium is a climbing plant, originally from Central and South America. The leaves shape and size vary from young to mature plants, starting arrow shaped later dividing into three lobes forming a goosefoot shape. It can also be grown in water as a hygrophyte. This plant is quite easy to look after. Arrowheads are recommended for beginners.


Syngonium enjoys bright light, but no direct sun. The green variety can tolerate dimmer light intensities, 3m to 4m from a window. Do not expose to direct sunlight as it will scorch their leaves.


They prefer normal room temperature (20C to 30C). These plants grow better when placed in a humid atmosphere.


It is important to keep the potting mix moist but allow the surface to dry out before watering again.


Feed fortnightly, with the recommended dose during the active growth phase, which in Egypt is most of the year.

Helpful instructions

Keep in mind these are poisonous plants if ingested, therefore keep away from the reach of pets and children.

These plants can be trained to live in hanging baskets.

Otherwise, cut the long branches back to have a bushier plant.

Varieties of Arrowhead Plant available in store

Arrowhead Plant
Arrowhead Plant
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