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Insects and plants

Some insects are important for plants to grow well, known as beneficent insects, while others are not, and are known as pests. Ladybirds are sold in bulks in the Netherlands to help nurseries fight pests. These insects consume, a lot of aphids, mealybugs and the likes. Other insects like bees and flies have an important role in pollinating flowers. Hence in the production of fruits and seeds.


On the other hand, ants although very useful in forests, to recycle all dead organic materials, as well as aerating the soil; are a nuisance in homes because they do transfer mealybugs from one plant to the other, distributing the bugs from a sick plant to other healthy ones. For ants, these bugs are like cows to humans, ants milk them like we do. Take into consideration, if ants are present in the house from beforehand, they might use the potted plants as their nests.

Imported peat moss, which we use in Florabel, does not contain any food suitable for ants, nor nests containing their eggs. That’s why, peat moss is the only media accepted internationally to travel between countries. Other media such as sand, mud and clay (that can contain harmful insects) is prohibited.

Therefore, when you buy plants from Florabel you are sure that they are safe to be taken home, or to be given out as gifts.

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