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Orchid Plant

Phalaenopsis Orchid plant

Scientific name: Phalaenopsis Orchid

Phalaenopsis Orchids come from East Asia and the western Pacific. This family of plants are sought after because of their beautiful and long-lasting flowers. With thick leathery leaves which stay green all year round. It makes a great gift in all happy and sad occasions likewise. Phalaenopsis plants flower periodically, and have very few pests and illnesses. In Florabel, we have these plants all year round, because it is one of the hardiest and the easiest orchids species that do very well in Egypt. This family of orchids is quite easy to look after, and ideal for beginners as well as kids.



It needs bright indirect sunlight, maximum distance being 1.5-2m from a window. If ever, a maximum of one hour of direct sunlight, would be acceptable by the plant.


These plants prefer our Egyptian warm temperatures and enjoys humidity.


Water Phalaenopsis moderately, allowing the water in between the roots to dry out, before re-watering. These plants come in transparent pots, so you can peep-in to see the drops of water entangled in-between the roots. Keep the potted plant in a ceramic cachepot all the time, to help keep the plant from toppling, and also to help in watering.

To water this orchid, intentionally, over-water the plant for a period of 15-20 minutes. And since the transparent plastic pots have holes at the bottom, next raise the plastic pot from its ceramic container, discard the excess water, and return the potted-plant back to where it belongs. Be careful not to get any water on the flowers as this will affect its life span.

Helpful instructions

Once the flowers die and flowers spike turns brown, get it to Florabel for us to cut in order to new flowers.

In nature these plants are epiphytes on big trees, anchoring themselves in the ‘V’ of branches, that’s why their roots are small. Phalaenopsis are grown in special media, mimicking their natural environment. Do not repot these plants under any circumstances.

These orchids have aerial roots, that help collecting humidity from the atmosphere. Never try to insert them into the pot. You can cut them back only if they die or decay.

Varieties of Orchid Plant available in store

Phalaenopsis Orchid plant
Phalaenopsis Orchid plant
Phalaenopsis Orchid plant
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