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Praying Plant

Maranta plant

Scientific name: Maranta

Maranta originates from Tropical America. This family of plants has very ornamental and beautiful foliage; with different shades of green, purple and some of them have thin lines. They are known as Praying Plant because some varieties in this group have a tendency of folding their leaves at night. They are moderately easy to grow in Egypt in winter times, but our summers’ high heat, causes harm to the plant, leaves get scorched easily.


Unlike other colored foliage plants, which need high intensity of light, these plants can tolerate shady places, 2-3 meters from the window. Never expose to direct sunlight as it will damage the leaves. 


Maranta thrives in a warm and humid atmosphere, but not the hot weather of over 35 C.


Irrigate the plant when compost feels dry, do not leave pot standing in excess water, not to rote and decay.  



Feed plant half a dose, twice a month, during the growing phase. 

Varieties of Praying Plant available in store

Maranta plant
Maranta plant
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