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Sick plants: Reasons and Solutions

Human beings can get headaches all the time, due to different health issues. Turning yellow of a leaf is exactly the same for plants. As a result, if you are not very sure of the reason, you should ask a professional to help. At Florabel we have qualified people to help you. Keep in mind that this professional does not live in your home to know the exact reason. Eventually, you have to help him by informing that person exactly how you have dealt with your plant; where it has been put, and all the minute details concerning the plant.

Also note, that all plants do their best to survive. No plant wants to die, and if there is any problem, the chances are that it is the way it was handled.

Always lookout for the presence of pests on your plants. This can be done by thoroughly examining of all plants periodically. Warm seasons more than the cold ones. Check the leaves one by one, and especially under the leaves, where most insects lay their eggs, or hide from the heat during the day. Check for minor cobweb threads on the plants, this will be an indication for a Red spider infestation, which is very difficult to see with normal eyes. A magnifying lens will help you find them.

Feeding your plants periodically, with the right fertilizer, will save them all the problems of undernourishment.  It will save you the hustle of finding out which element is the one missing in your plant.

In Florabel we have a mixture of products that you can use to fight these unwanted pests. There is a certain protocol to be followed, which you will be instructed to do, when buying the product. We recommend the usage of the pesticides not only to fight the diseases but as a prophylactic, as well. Don’t feel bad or responsible if any of your plants get sick or feel that you have neglected them. Pest infects almost all kinds of plants, because they are ubiquitous. Once you see a problem, time being an important factor, call for help because pests reproduce in tens of thousands.

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