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Spanish Dagger

Yucca plant

Scientific name: Yucca

Other common names: Spanish bayonet and dagger plant


Yuccas originally come from Mexico and Central America. These exotic looking plants have sword-shaped leaves giving it its common name. They can live indoors as well as outdoors. The Yucca plants are very hardy, easy to look after and require a minimal amount of care.


Yuccas need the most light possible, it can also tolerate direct sunlight.


This plant can adapt and tolerate any temperature. They can also stand very dry atmosphere.


As an outdoor plant, it needs plenty of water during the summer but do not overwater. As a pot plant, be careful not to overwater, because Yuccas should be kept fairly dry during the winter. If over watering persists, root rotting will occur and the stems will turn soggy indicating its death.


Feed weekly from April to October.

Helpful instructions

To propagate a yucca its quite easy, sow the main wooden branch at any point, and leave it out  for few day in a sunny spot until the bottom part dries-up. Plant in a well drained soil containing sand.


Varieties of Spanish Dagger available in store

Yucca plant
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