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There are two ways to find out if your plant is thirsty or not. First, you can buy a hydrometer that tells you exactly the condition of the soil and the root ball, sold in Florabel. Secondly, you can poke the soil with your finger, 2-3cm deep, to find out the level of moisture in there. We do that because evaporation at the top of the soil can give us a wrong indication. Keeping in mind that, water gradually dries up from the surface of the soil to the bottom.


When irrigating your plant, make sure the quantity of the water you use would be sufficient enough to wet the entire compost, and not just the top part.


Please note, most of houseplants die from over caring, in the sense that, people overwater their plants. As a rule of thumb, overwatering kills a plant, but underwatering does not so easily. Underwatering will wilt a leaf or two, rather than losing the whole plant. While, overwatering will rote the roots, causing the whole plant to perish.


Check your plants for water daily in summer, and every 4-5 days in winter (November to February) as they will require less water.

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