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Scientific name: Codiaeum

Codiaeum originates from Malaysia and Polynesia. The Croton has magnificent foliage; both in shape and colors. These plants can grow to shrubs outdoors in shady areas giving them the different colors, tints and hues, such as yellow, orange, red, brown and green. They brighten up any room because of their bright colors. These plants are easy if kept outdoors, but becomes moderately difficult indoors.


These plants when indoors require plenty of light to keep the beautiful colors of its leaves. Therefore, recommended to place right next to a window where it gets exposed to direct sunlight for a couple of hours daily. Lack of light, will cause the foliage to lose its bright colors and turn plain green.


The Egyptian all year-round weather is ideal for these plants, especially Alexandrian weather. Normal room temperatures of 25C to 35C are beneficial for these plants. Humidity being key for their survival, stand on gravel tray if needed.   


During summer, water well enough to keep the potting mixture thoroughly moist but never allow pot to stand in water. In winter, this plant goes to a semi dormant stage, then only give enough water to keep the mixture from drying out completely.

If the plant is left thirsty the leaves will droop begging for water and will soon revive to its normal, once watered. If the leaves insist on staying drooped, spray the leaves with room temperature water.



Feed every two weeks from spring to fall, follow the instructions on the label.


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