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Philodendron plant

Scientific name: Philodendron


Philodendron is found in Central and South America. The foliage varies in shape from arrow to heart shaped with leathery dark glossy green leafs of different sizes. Some have red color. They are bushy or climbing plants, the latter often needs support, ideally of a moss stick. It can also be grown in water as a hygrophyte. They are very hardy plants; they do well in most houses, highly recommended for beginners.


Philodendrons prefer indirect or gentle shade. Do not expose to direct sunlight. 2-3 m from a window.


Must be placed in a room with an intermediate to warm temperature. (20C-30C)


Water the plants whenever the compost feels dry.


Feed every two weeks during the growing season. Which in Egypt is most of the year.  

Varieties of Philodendron available in store

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