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Scientific name: Dracaena

Dracaenas come from tropical and sub-tropical Africa and Asia. They represent a diverse group of plants, with different foliage sizes, shapes and colors. Most Dracaenas are grown in soil but some can be fully grown in water, hence being a hydroponic plant. The Lucky Bamboo, actually being a Dracaena plant growing in water. This group of plants is quite easy to nurse, strongly suggested for beginners.


These plants need plenty of light around 1 to 2m away from a window but no direct sun needed unless it is in the winter season. Or for very short periods in summer.


Ideally, Dracaenas like from intermediate to warm environments (18C to 35C). Although their leaves will droop and eventually will turn yellow and fall off in low temperature. Egyptian short, cold winters, will do no everlasting harm. Humidity is needed, therefore stand plant on gravel tray or damp pebbles.


Although, this plant needs to be watered regularly during the growing periods. Be careful not to overwater. Allow the surface of compost to dry in between watering.



Feed once every two weeks from March to October. Use either liquid fertilizer or place slow release pellet in the soil, do not use a foliage feed as it affects the Dracaenas leaves.

Helpful instructions

Variegated varieties of Dracaena, will be needing higher intensities of light than its green cousins.

Varieties of Dracaena available in store

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