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Peace Lily

Spathiphyllum plant

Scientific name: Spathiphyllum


Spathiphyllum is originally from Central and South America. It produces beautiful white flowers for most of the year. It does very well in homes and offices. Peace lilies are highly recommended because of their superior ability to purify the air indoors. Spathiphyllum is one of the rare house plants that flower indoors over and over again, without the excessive need for light or care. This plant is an easy plant as there is no specific care required.


Medium indirect light is enough to satisfy a Spathiphyllum.


This plant does well at a normal room temperature (20C to 30C). These plants grow very well in Egypt.


Water when compost feels dry, after poking for a depth of 3cm with your finger. Never overwater these plants. If they are left thirsty for a long period of time, leaves droops, and foliage will need to be sprayed with water, more than once, while watering the soil.

Feeding Feed once every 2 weeks during the summer.

Varieties of Peace Lily available in store

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