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Pothos plant

Scientific name: Scindapsus aureus or Epipremnum aureum

Other common names: Money plant, Devils Ivy, Silver vine and also known as “Bootus” in Egypt


The Pothos was introduced from South-East Asia. This climbing plant is allied to the Philodendron; the foliage is heart shaped. The bright green leaves can be variegated with white or yellow. Can be grown in water as a hygrophyte. In tropical areas like Hawai, their leaves can grow as big as 60 cm of diameter. This plant is easy to nurse, recommended for beginners as well as children.


Pothos can tolerate dimmer light but grow healthier when placed in well-lit rooms with brighter intensity of light. Place maximum 3-4m away from the light source.


From moderate to warm room temperature is what these plants like (20C to 35C). Egyptian weather being perfect for their growth.


If Pothos is planted in compost or any media, it does not like to be overwatered. Nevertheless, it can live in water for an indefinite time, without needing to be transplanted into a soil. This is can be achieved, because morphologically water roots are totally different than soil roots. Allow the soil to dry-out between watering.

Feeding Feed every 2 weeks half the recommended dose during the active growth phase, which in Egypt is most of the year. 

Varieties of Pothos available in store

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